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    Kim, Scarborough

    A 4-story townhouse needed fresh caulking around all doors and windows. Not an easy job. Tom came to look at the job within a day or two of making the request. His experience and expertise set me at ease. The work was done by Jerry. He worked hard. He was polite, efficient and the work was of very high quality. It looks fantastic. I highly recommend this company.

    Rosa, Toronto

    Tom was a pleasure to work with, he provided me with a quote on a timely manner and was in touch soon after to schedule the work.
    Showed up on time! And Jerry did clean and effective replacement of the window caulking.

    Eagle, Oakville

    Tom and his team were very professional courteous. They executed all the work and cleaned up after it was completed. It has been couple months already and the job still looks great and clean. I would recommend this company to my friends and family who needs this service.

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    Recaulking Services in Toronto, Oakville, Hamilton and Across The GTA

    Whether considering a home or a commercial property, staying on top of maintenance is critical to the health and durability of a structure. Recaulking exterior windows, doors, and other features is one of the most important tasks of all. When recaulking exterior windows and doors, the structure is protected from air leaks, water damage, and infestations. When considering some architectural designs, such as glass curtain wall systems, recaulking exterior windows can prevent catastrophic structural failure.

    Explore the advantages of a high-quality window recaulking service and book your consultation with Prime Caulking. With free estimates and the best quality workmanship in Southern Ontario, you can have complete peace of mind.

    What is Window Recaulking?

    Window recaulking and door recaulking are the process of removing old caulk to be replaced with a new seal. This is necessary over time as materials deteriorate. The seals around the gaps of your home or commercial property can prevent air, water, and pests from entering the interior. Window recaulking is one of the most important aspects of home or commercial building maintenance.

    How Often is a Window Recaulking Service Needed?

    The time between door and window recaulking services depends on the building and the type of caulk used. Silicone caulking can last for up to ten years in most cases. Commercial-grade caulking used for large glass panels or curtain wall systems can last between ten and fifteen years, although regular inspections and a preventative maintenance schedule are needed to ensure that the curtain wall is kept in top condition.

    If it has been some years since the structure was built, or since you last called a recaulking service provider, you can call to schedule an inspection and get your free estimate.

    Signs You Need a Service for Recaulking Exterior Windows

    Several telltale signs can indicate it’s time to book a team for recaulking exterior windows.

    Call Prime Caulking if you notice…

    • Dry, cracked, and peeling caulk around windows or doors This indicates that the caulk is no longer providing an effective seal to protect the home or commercial property from air, water, and pests
    • Drafts around windows and doors. This is a sign that the caulking has deteriorated and failed. Drafts in a home or commercial premises can reduce energy efficiency, increasing the cost to heat or cool an interior
    • Water damage If there’s water damage around windows or doors, it’s likely that the caulk is no longer providing an effective seal. Water damage can be catastrophic for a structure over time, leading to mold, mildew, or damage to framing, floors, ceilings, and foundations
    • Pest activity If you notice that there are more pests in the home or around window and door frames, the seals may have failed. You can call for a caulking inspection with Prime Caulking

    Don’t ignore these problems. Recaulking exterior windows and doors is relatively affordable when put into the context of the long-term problems that could occur if seals aren’t repaired.


    Our Process for Recaulking Exterior Windows and Doors

    Door and window recaulking is a straightforward process although it requires a high level of skill and training to get the best results. Our team has more than 16 years of experience in the industry and our contractors are highly skilled and ready to exceed expectations.

    • We remove the old sealant and clean the surfaces that the new caulk will adhere to
    • We use polyurethane backer rods when necessary for extra sealing protection
    • We expertly apply new silicone caulking to complete the seal

    With the best caulking service the job will be completed on time and within budget. Our estimates are highly accurate and transparent, so you won’t need to worry about hidden fees or added costs throughout the project. We are a fully insured recaulking service company.

    Who Should I Call for Recaulking Near Me?

    Looking for recaulking near me? We are the company that more locals trust when searching for recaulking near me. From high-rise structures and commercial buildings to family homes and multi-tenant apartments, we are known for our commitment to quality and competitive pricing.

    If you need recaulking near me, it’s time to talk to Prime Caulking. We offer free estimates and detailed consultations. If you’re looking for recaulking near me at a fair price, you’ll find that our rates are among the best in the industry.

    When you need colour consulting with recaulking near me, our team will provide options for coloured silicone caulking that can complement your exterior door frames, window frames, and cladding materials.

    Ready to get started? Talk to us today for your recaulking service estimate and enjoy a reliable end-to-end experience with the most experienced professionals in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas.


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