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    Kim, Scarborough

    A 4-story townhouse needed fresh caulking around all doors and windows. Not an easy job. Tom came to look at the job within a day or two of making the request. His experience and expertise set me at ease. The work was done by Jerry. He worked hard. He was polite, efficient and the work was of very high quality. It looks fantastic. I highly recommend this company.

    Rosa, Toronto

    Tom was a pleasure to work with, he provided me with a quote on a timely manner and was in touch soon after to schedule the work.
    Showed up on time! And Jerry did clean and effective replacement of the window caulking.

    Eagle, Oakville

    Tom and his team were very professional courteous. They executed all the work and cleaned up after it was completed. It has been couple months already and the job still looks great and clean. I would recommend this company to my friends and family who needs this service.

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    Bathroom Caulking in Greater Toronto and Hamilton

    The team at Prime Caulking is ready to begin your commercial bathroom caulking project. Focused on efficiency, reliability, and durability, we’ll ensure that your bathrooms look great while being protected from water and damage.

    We specialize in commercial bathroom caulking for new developments, offices, hotels, motels, retail spaces, and shopping complexes. We can also provide residential bathroom caulking for new custom home builds. Our family-based business has a passion for quality and is committed to customer satisfaction.

    Get a free estimate and begin the consultation process with Southern Ontario’s caulking experts.

    Commercial Bathroom Caulking

    Our commercial bathroom caulking service can cover your project for caulking in hospitality, a commercial office building, or any other location.

    Commercial bathroom caulking requires a unique approach. Bathrooms at a commercial location can vary dramatically in their size, design, and purpose. When considering office locations, caulking for toilets, sinks, and pipes is usually the extent of the work. But for sites like spas and hotels or motels, the work could include caulking showers or caulking bathtubs and other fixtures.

    We understand that every project is different which is why we work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget. We can offer detailed consultations and provide free estimates for the work. We have more than 16 years of experience in the industry, ensuring that you get the highest quality workmanship whether caulking bathtubs or large multi-stall bathrooms at an office, commercial plaza, or restaurant/bar.

    We can work to your schedule. Let us know your project requirements and we’ll ensure that they are met.

    Bathroom Caulking for Custom Homes – Shower Caulking, Bathtub Caulking, and More

    Prime Caulking can provide whole-home caulking services for new build custom homes. In addition to windows, doors, and wall penetrations, we can also offer bathroom caulking for custom homes. Shower caulking and bathtub caulking will solidify the aesthetic of a new bathroom while also providing much-needed water and moisture protection.

    In a custom-built home, the bathroom design and layout can vary greatly from one project to the next. That’s why we offer custom solutions for all businesses. We take the time to understand the unique needs of each project and work closely with builders and homeowners to ensure that the results suit the project. You can contact us today for your free estimate and to get started on the consultation.

    When considering shower caulking and bathtub caulking, one of the most important aspects of the project is the attention to detail. Without qualified professionals for bathroom caulking and shower caulking, the seals can leak, causing water damage to flooring and walls, and mold growth. Prime Caulking has extensive experience in shower caulking and bathtub caulking and is ready to get started on your project.

    Choose our trusted team for…

    • The best materials for bathtub caulking and shower caulking
    • Excellent application of bathtub caulking and shower caulking for a beautiful aesthetic
    • Moisture protection for flooring, ceiling, and walls
    • A customized service to suit your project

    We offer bathtub caulking and shower caulking as part of a whole-home service for new builds and large renovations/remodeling. We can work with your project manager for efficiency and ease. From large development projects to multi-tenant buildings like condos and apartments, Prime Caulking is the best choice for bathtub caulking and shower caulking in Greater Toronto and Hamilton.


    Properly Caulking Bathtubs and Other Fixtures Can Protect any Property

    Caulking bathtubs and other fixtures offers benefits that protect your investment in a commercial property or home.

    • Caulking bathtubs and other fixtures prevents water damage and seeping into walls and flooring
    • Hygiene is improved when caulking bathtubs. Mold growth is prevented
    • Sealing a bathroom by caulking bathtubs and other features enhances the lifetime of fixtures
    • Caulking bathtubs can even improve energy efficiency by eliminating gaps between fixtures and walls/floors

    We use the most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure that our seals last. We select the best caulking materials based on aesthetic needs as well as substrate materials. Attention to detail ensures a perfect fit and finish, with protection that will last for years.

    Whether you are a property manager, a building owner, or a stakeholder in a building development of any size, the benefits of bathroom caulking are vast and long-lasting. Invest in the highest quality workmanship by choosing Prime Caulking.

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    Your free estimate for bathroom caulking is available at Prime Caulking. Our team is trained, certified, and our company is fully insured for residential and commercial projects. Get started and enjoy an end-to-end service that leaves you not only satisfied but endlessly impressed with the result.


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