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    I highly recommend Prime, Tom has very good communication skills and his employees delivered great service. I would definitely use them again.

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    Communication was excellent right from the start when I called to request a quote. The workmanship looks great. They even applied caulking around the dryer and fireplace vents which I did not even think about. I would highly recommend Prime Caulking.


    Tom and his team at Prime Caulking are top shelf. It is refreshing to hire a contractor that is on time, communicates well, and over-delivers on the work. The end result is well sealed windows with proper material that will last. Thank you Tom & the team at Prime Caulking.

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    The Best Caulking Contractors in Vaughan

    With some of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the GTA, Vaughan is a popular place to both live and work. It’s no surprise that it has traditionally had one of the most rapidly expanding populations of all cities in the region. If you live here or own a business, you’ll need to talk to some of the best caulking contractors in Vaughan from time to time. Prime Caulking is the name that people trust when choosing between the different caulking companies in Vaughan. Take a look at our services and why we’re the best choice for caulking contractors in Vaughan.

    We cover everything from residential window caulking in Vaughan to glass curtain wall systems for commercial buildings. If it’s caulking and sealing work that you’re looking for, the top caulking contractors in Vaughan are ready to get started.

    Our Services – Choose One of the Best Caulking Companies in Vaughan

    As one of the most experienced caulking companies in Vaughan, we are available with a wide range of services covering residential and commercial/industrial customers in Vaughan. With more than 16 years of experience serving areas from Hamilton up to the GTA, we can provide outstanding workmanship at a competitive price.

    Call one of the leading caulking companies in Vaughan for…

    • Residential Caulking and Window Caulking in Vaughan
    • Commercial Caulking and Window Caulking in Vaughan
    • New Home or Commercial Builds
    • Glass to Glass and Glass Curtain Wall Systems
    • Kitchen and Bathroom Caulking
    • Door Sealing/ Caulking
    • Expansion and Control Joints
    • Fire Caulking for Commercial and Industrial Properties
    • Recaulking in Vaughan

    Avoid fly-by-night caulking companies in Vaughan by calling a local company with a strong presence in Ontario. Even as one of the top caulking companies in Vaughan, our rates are competitive.


    Professional Window Caulking in Vaughan / Window Sealing in Vaughan

    Window caulking in Vaughan and window sealing in Vaughan are two names for the same service. Whether referred to as caulking or sealing, the goal is always the same. Our professionals perform window caulking in Vaughan/window sealing in Vaughan to seal your home or commercial location. This prevents air gaps, water entry, and insect infestations.

    We can provide window caulking in Vaughan for new projects, like custom home builds and new commercial developments. We also offer caulking / window sealing in Vaughan for existing homes and businesses that are being renovated or remodeled.

    There are options when it comes to window sealing in Vaughan, such as coloured caulk that will help complement the aesthetic of your home or business. We always use the best materials and will choose the right products depending on the design/construction of your home or business. Window sealing in Vaughan is one of the most important aspects of home and business maintenance. In addition to adding durability, window sealing in Vaughan also improves energy efficiency by removing drafts and ensuring efficient insulation.

    You don’t need to call through to a bunch of caulking companies in Vaughan to get your windows sealed. Prime Caulking is ready to start with your free estimate.

    Is it Time for Recaulking in Vaughan?

    The caulk used for windows, doors, vents, and other wall penetrations is quite durable, but it won’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll need recaulking in Vaughan. Caulk can last anywhere from five years to fifteen years depending on where it is installed and how well it was installed. If the seals on your home or at your place of business are starting to fail, we can offer an affordable service for recaulking in Vaughan.

    • We remove the old caulk, clean/prepare gaps, and install foam backing for recaulking in Vaughan
    • We’ll ensure that your home or business is free of gaps that could create drafts, water entry, or insect infestations
    • Recaulking in Vaughan is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency and protect your home or commercial property

    Call for an estimate for recaulking in Vaughan today.

    Experience and Commitment to Quality with the Best Caulking Contractors in Vaughan

    One of the core benefits of choosing Prime Caulking is our commitment to quality. As a family-owned business, our reputation is important to us. We are trusted from the Hamilton Area to the GTA and we are proud of the lasting relationships we build with every customer. Our experience and our attention to detail are what result in the best caulking/sealing work.

    You can get your free estimate today. We provide detailed consultations, to ensure we understand the needs of your unique project. Your home or business in Vaughan should be protected with reliable caulking/sealing that enhances the aesthetic while improving durability. With the best caulking contractors in Vaughan, the process is simple.

    Talk to us today and experience the difference with Prime Caulking – your local caulking contractors in Vaughan.


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