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    I got in touch with prime caulking to do my windows as they all needed to be redone . they came when they said they would and completed the job on the date the promised. Clean work , Very professional and highly recommended.

    Private User

    Very professional. Tom’s team went above and beyond filling in any other gaps they came across such as dryer vent or furnace exhaust pipes. They finished the job as per the agreed upon timeline. Would definitely recommend Prime Caulking.

    Custom, H

    There was a saying my father taught me who is 87 years young. You get what you pay for in life therefore please dont settle and never negotiate against yourself. Tom you are by far the best businessman I have met and I will continue to use you in the future.

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    Window Caulking in Hamilton

    Hamilton’s strong economy and excellent quality of life make it one of the best places to live and work in Ontario. If you run a business here, and if you’ve made Hamilton your home, you’ll need to rely on some essential local services to protect your investments. Window caulking in Hamilton is one of the most essential aspects of both home and commercial property maintenance. With the best caulking contractors in Hamilton, you’ll be able to get the best service for all types of exterior and interior caulking.

    Prime Caulking is available today for free estimates on window caulking in Hamilton or any of your other caulking needs.

    Available Services with the Best Caulking Contractors in Hamilton

    Our team of caulking contractors in Hamilton is available for a range of services for both residential and commercial customers. We take pride in our work, and our caulking contractors will ensure that the results are durable and billed at a fair rate.

    Contact the top caulking contractors in Hamilton for…

    • General caulking services with the best caulking contractors in Hamilton
    • Exterior Caulking
    • Interior Caulking
    • Residential and Commercial Window Caulking in Hamilton
    • Recaulking
    • Fire Caulking in Hamilton for Commercial/Industrial properties

    Our caulking contractors in Hamilton are available to start the consultation process for your commercial or residential work. Choose caulking contractors in Hamilton that are focused on your needs and ready to go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

    Window Sealing in Hamilton Done Right

    Our team will perform window sealing in Hamilton with a focus on durability and aesthetics. Window sealing in Hamilton will secure your home or business from water, drafts, and pest infestation. Window sealing in Hamilton can also be aesthetic. You can choose a hue for the caulk, and we offer colour consulting to make this easy. It’s an extra touch that can bring out the best in any project.

    We get window sealing in Hamilton right the first time, so there’s no need for rework and no risk of failure throughout the normal lifetime of the caulking material. It doesn’t matter if you need window sealing in Hamilton for your home or business, we’ll always provide a high level of service with industry-leading workmanship.

    Our contractors are trained, frequently upskilled, and certified for complex work, including commercial window sealing in Hamilton for large buildings and high rises. Choose a team you can trust. Get your estimate now.


    How Often Should You Get Recaulking in Hamilton?

    Recaulking in Hamilton is the process of replacing old caulking to reseal around windows, doors, ducts, pipes, and other features. It’s necessary to protect a home or commercial building. Recaulking in Hamilton is a regular part of building maintenance. While the durability of caulking can vary, there are some rough guidelines to follow…

    • Homes need recaulking in Hamilton every 5 – 10 years
    • Commercial businesses need recaulking in Hamilton every 5 – 15 years

    The time for businesses is extended because caulking for some large curtain walls and windows can last for up to 15 years, although scheduled maintenance is key to maintaining these architectural features.

    If it has been some time since your last caulking service, or if you’ve noticed chipping, cracking, peeling, or other deterioration, you can call us for an inspection. We’ll provide recaulking in Hamilton and set a timeline for your next service.

    Fire Caulking in Hamilton

    As a commercial specialist, we can provide fire caulking in Hamilton for your building. Fire caulking in Hamilton is a specialist service where we apply an expanding caulking material around fire-proof doors, windows, floors, vents, joints, and other features. Fire caulking in Hamilton expands when exposed to heat, helping to insulate and stop the spread of fire. It can provide valuable time for evacuation while limiting the damage to a commercial building.

    We offer fire caulking in Hamilton for new commercial builds, renovations/remodeling, and to replace degraded caulking. Call us if you need an inspection for fire caulking in Hamilton. We can provide cost-efficient recaulking in Hamilton to give you confidence in knowing that your building is protected.

    You can combine fire caulking installation with other projects like window caulking in Hamilton or commercial bathroom caulking.

    Call the Experts for Window Caulking in Hamilton

    If you need window caulking in Hamilton, fire caulking, or any other type of interior or exterior caulking, you’ll get the best service from our team. Prime Caulking is committed to quality. We’ll start with a detailed consultation to determine the scope of the work, and will provide you with an estimated turnaround and price. We’re ready to start on your project. Choose the best in the industry and get better caulking to protect your home or commercial property.


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